According to, a Hungarian woman will lead Mensa with 130 thousand members, which brings together the most intelligent people of the world from July. The election of Bibiana Balanyi is a fantastic success, she triumphed over the candidates of national organizations with more members than the Hungarian one, in a strong competition, the communication said to MTI.

Bibiana’s been the member of Mensa HungarIQa Association since 1994 and she was the President for 10 years. From 2009, she was elected the Development Director of the international Mensa, she spent 4 years in this position, so she came to compete for the international President position with serious experience. In her campaign, she promised an organization more attractive for young people, the better understanding of the cultural differences and a new website. At the same time, it’s a privilege, challenge and responsibility that the majority of the world’s most intelligent people thought Bibiana is the appropriate representative of such a diverse, cross-cultural and cross-national organization.

She will take over the Presidency from her American predecessor on July 1, her term is two-year-long. Since the foundation of Mensa, she is the third female leader and the youngest President as well, said.

Mensa is an international association, which was founded in the UK in 1946. The aim of the non-political organization to bring together the highly intelligent people, regardless of their age, sex, origin or social status. The only criterion of the membership is the intelligence level typical of 2% of the people.

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