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Hungarians commemorate 1944-45 massacre in Vojvodina village – Documentary

Hungarians commemorate 1944-45 massacre in Vojvodina village – Documentary

Budapest, October 25 (MTI) – The process of reconciliation between Hungarians and Serbians is drawing to an end, Istvan Pasztor, the head of the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians, said at a commemoration in Curug (Csurog) in the northern province of Serbia, on Sunday.

“In a political, community and human sense we have done everything that is possible to close the reconciliation process,” he said at a commemoration for the victims of the massacre of 1944-1945 in the village. The event was held by a memorial set up two years ago in the presence of Hungarian President Janos Ader and his Serbian counterpart Tomislav Nikolic.

Pushing into the region in the winter of 1944-1945, Yugoslav partisans massacred an estimated 20,000 Hungarians.

Pasztor said as a result of their efforts the Serbian parliament had adopted a declaration to condemn collective crime in connection with the events of 1944-45 and the Belgrade government also annulled a law after 7 decades that had pronounced the Hungarians of Curug, Mosorin (Mozsor) and Zabalj (Zsablya) collectively guilty. In addition, a mixed committee of historians is soon finishing research on the events which will be made public by the end of the year.

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