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Hungarians commemorate 1944-45 massacre in Vojvodina village – Documentary

Hungarians commemorate 1944-45 massacre in Vojvodina village – Documentary

Budapest, October 25 (MTI) – The process of reconciliation between Hungarians and Serbians is drawing to an end, Istvan Pasztor, the head of the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians, said at a commemoration in Curug (Csurog) in the northern province of Serbia, on Sunday.

“In a political, community and human sense we have done everything that is possible to close the reconciliation process,” he said at a commemoration for the victims of the massacre of 1944-1945 in the village. The event was held by a memorial set up two years ago in the presence of Hungarian President Janos Ader and his Serbian counterpart Tomislav Nikolic.

Pushing into the region in the winter of 1944-1945, Yugoslav partisans massacred an estimated 20,000 Hungarians.

Pasztor said as a result of their efforts the Serbian parliament had adopted a declaration to condemn collective crime in connection with the events of 1944-45 and the Belgrade government also annulled a law after 7 decades that had pronounced the Hungarians of Curug, Mosorin (Mozsor) and Zabalj (Zsablya) collectively guilty. In addition, a mixed committee of historians is soon finishing research on the events which will be made public by the end of the year.


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  1. My family is from this location

    Photos are not from this events (1st photos is related to Ustasha soldiers somewhere in 1942 in central Bosnia), second photo cant be in Csurug or Zsabaly and uniform of solders is not the same as uniforms soldiers on this location in October 1944.
    What is purpose of this pretendic texts and photos from different localities?
    Please dont use different photos because its not serriously.
    Victims from 1942 by facist and revenge from 1944 are victims, be nice to innocent victims on both sides.

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