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An algorithm tells doctors whether they are in the right place: a free “health Tinder” is reshaping the healthcare labour market. Healthcare is a hot topic during the coronavirus pandemic. We read articles and statements every day about the salaries of doctors and healthcare workers, their working conditions, and career prospects. What is more, the topic has become even hotter since the new health service legislation: more and more doctors and nurses are choosing whether to continue working in the private or public system. A breakthrough in this area could be a 100 per cent Hungarian-developed healthcare job portal that is so confident in its success that it only works for a success fee.

Not only for job seekers, but also for HR managers in hospitals, healthcare centres, laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies is it a recurring nightmare when they have to find a job or a candidate on a giant job search website. It is easy to get lost among the plethora of bulk ads or waste an unnecessary amount of time searching. However, this can end once and for all, at least in the areas of healthcare and clinical trials. The market and technology seem to be ready for targeted, thematic HR recruitment platforms to serve job seekers and professionals alike. At, everyone, from doctors to healthcare professionals and economists to nurses or pharmacists, can easily and simply find the job or staff that works best for them, writes

Few people know, but there is already a special job search portal developed by Hungarians specifically tailored to the needs of healthcare workers. This platform will not fully solve all the sector’s recruitment problems though.

However, HIPER certainly provides an opportunity for doctors, pharmacists, and healthcare professionals, as well as hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, to find the most suitable job or specialist more quickly and efficiently.

How is this site different from all known and market-leading job portals? Most importantly, there is a sophisticated algorithm behind HIPER that automatically links the job advertiser to the most suitable candidates based on pre-set parameters. In this way, previously acquired professional experience and qualities that are more difficult to measure and scale, such as empathy, patience, or a willingness to be a team player, are measured at the same time.

With the help of the site, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies can categorise and analyse the skills and abilities of a given job seeker according to 29 aspects,

as the algorithm intelligently monitors and pairs many soft skills. In addition to specific expertise, work experience, and practical skills, the skills tests and questionnaires integrated into the site also cover soft skills and personal skills, such as relationship-building skills, time management, or purposefulness. With these, job seekers can present a more thorough image of themselves than ever before, which means feedback that is especially useful and usable for them as well.

The special “smart” recruitment strategy behind developed by Hungarian doctors and HR professionals simultaneously takes into account educational qualifications, work experience, and personal qualities, the “trinity” of which can make a candidate suitable for a position. The “trick” is simple: an algorithm working behind the page performs the pre-selection, which helps HR departments and candidates save the often tedious and time-consuming correspondence and multi-round interview. “Traditional job search sites basically rely solely on resumes, and they create a two-dimensional profile of candidates along the lines of education and experience. However, our platform is not only three but multidimensional, it gives a complete picture, and it is able to draw the personal characteristics of the candidates in a well-defined way,” says doctor Kálmán Törőcsik, the founder of the company. By simultaneously taking into account personal characteristics and other hard skill parameters,

it can be guaranteed that the most suitable candidate will be selected for the advertised position,

which not only provides an obvious benefit in terms of money but also significantly shortens the entire selection process. The founding team, which has experience in domestic and international healthcare systems and the private sector, is so confident in the success of its service that it offers its partners a different model than the subscription system characteristic of the industry: employers only have to pay for employees found and hired. This means that there are no hidden costs when using the platform or extra features available only after payment. Only the result matters.


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  1. It is a new online platform, great. Good. But for the DNH to call HIPER ‘Tinder’ is just silly. I could make some crude jokes but I will refrain. HIPER is a serious Recruitment and Information service. Not a a forum that users expect to ‘get laid’ as a result if using it!

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