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The Hungarian and Swiss company Tresorit, which specialises in the field of sending different kind of file attachments securely, is developing a brand new classified app, called Tresorit Send, for sending large files easily and free of charge, up to 5 GBs. This brand new development is going to be better than WeTransfer, which is also a large file sending app, operating since 2009. 

According to Forbes Magazine, this brand new app is going to be the safest way for sending large files, instead of the dangerous and risky methods on different Internet sites. Tresorit just earned 11.5 million Euros which is enough financial support for developing this brand new app, and also help the broadening the company’s influence all over the world.

Sending large files as attachments is not only time consuming, but also risky and dangerous, because, by processing through inappropriate apps and Internet sites, we risk the safety of our personal information and sensitive data. Stealing personal data from individuals is easy due to human mistakes, for example, sending the e-mail with the attachment to the wrong person.

Furthermore, well-known apps, including WeTransfer, do not offer appropriate safety functions to protect our files and data and usually the limit of time until we can open the sent file is short.

Tresorit would like to prevent these mistakes by creating a brand new app, which would be even better than WeTransfer. The aim of the company is to decrease the phenomenon of phishing, and to increase the amount of time in which users can open the sent attachment, up to seven days. After one week the sent files would be deleted automatically.

Also, this brand new Hungarian app will provide its users with a special link, where the attachment can be viewed or downloaded only with a password, which is, of course, not attached in the e-mail, but can be sent on any other platforms to the same person. The classification of the attachments would happen at the moment we attach them to the e-mail, and would remain classified until the recipient opened it with the password.

If the sender would like to keep the recipient from opening the attachment, he/she can easily reverse its availability by only one click. The sender would also get a notification about when the recipient opened the e-mail and viewed/downloaded the attachment, and also the type of Internet surfer he/she used to view the e-mail. Moreover, senders could also set the limit of time of opening the sent file.

The other aim for Tresorit is to ensure the reliability and safety of their new app, which can be downloaded free of charge by anybody, and does not require any registration.

Source: forbes.hu

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