Rather than lessening, the gap between the Hungarian and the Western European wages is constantly growing, reports mno.hu.

The study of Béla Galgóczi – Hungarian researcher of the European Trade Union Confederation – makes it clear that, although the productivity is getting better and better in the Eastern region of the European Union, the gap between the wages of the Eastern and Western member states of the EU is still growing. The study can be read here.

Béla Galgóczi compared the Hungarian, Czech and Polish average wages to the incomes in Germany, and he made a surprising discovery. While the wages in the Central European countries rose from around 10 per cent above 30 per cent of the German wages between the ’90s and the financial crisis of 2007-2008, this rate has significantly fallen back since 2008.

Out of these three countries the situation in Hungary is the worst. While in 2008 the Hungarian average wage was 31.9 per cent of the German average wage, two years later it was only 29.7 per cent and two years ago it became just a little more than the quarter of it with 25.1 per cent. The result is tragic because, in the mentioned period, billions of EUR arrived in form of EU aid in order to make it catch up with the Western countries.


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Source: mno.hu

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