A little more than 370 motorcycles were sold in Hungary in the first quarter of the year, an amount that is 8% less than that of last year – reports Világgazdaság in its Wednesday issue, relying on the findings of Datahouse, tozsdeforum.hu reports.

This means that – unless there comes a change – during the course of 2017, the number of the motorbikes to be sold in Hungary is estimated around two thousand, which is a fragment of the amount sold before the crisis. (In 2006 this number came close to 10,000.)

It is reported that even though the number of vehicles in circulation has risen in the past years, there are no new motorbikes bought in the country: according to KSH, at the end of 2016 more than 162 thousand motorcycles were registered – a fourteen percent rise compared to the situation in 2010. Deriving from this, over 4% of the vehicles in Hungary are motorbikes.

The rise in the number of bikes is obviously caused by a growth in private import: the reason for this is that on the German, Russian, Austrian markets, one can buy vehicles in good condition cheaper than in Hungary, and despite of the high taxes, this option remains more affordable.

The most popular ones are the reasonably cheap medium-sized vehicles, with 500-600 cubic centimetre engines, produced by Japanese manufacturers, which – along with the administrative costs – can be put on the road for around half a million forints.

translated by Zsóka Kovács

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Source: tozsdeforum.hu

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