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According to, in the last few years Hungary managed to join the biggest biking nations. Surveys prove that on a European scale, Hungary is the third in line regarding regular biking after the Netherlands and Denmark, whose habit of biking is legendary. While the rate of citizens choosing the bike for everyday transportation is 36 and 23 per cent in these two countries, in Hungary 22 per cent of the respondents have stated that they go to school or work by bike. It is clear from Vatera’s data analysis that Hungarians are likely to buy mountain bikes (in 36% of the cases), and not surprisingly the “most-biking” Hungarian city is Budapest with 8,793 sold bikes in five years.

Biking has slowly but surely changed from a recreational activity into the everyday means of transport. This is proved by the startling data, according to which the bicycle usage in Budapest’s central districts has grown elevenfold in the last 20 years. Of course, the more popular biking became, the higher the number of bike-purchases got, as it is reflected by Vatera’s data. The operation of MOL Bubi surely contributes to this data as well.

Last year altogether 6,297 bikes were sold on Vatera at the average price of 19,330 HUF (around 61 EUR). In 81 per cent of the cases people were selling second-hand bikes, while 19 per cent of the bikes were new. These numbers clearly show that there is a growing demand for second-hand bicycles, which means that purchasers are still sensitive to prices.

Safety first

The mentioned study also shows that the rate of accidents involving bikers is growing slower than the rate of people everyday riding a bike, so regarding rates, less and less accidents happen that involve bikers. That means that bikers make more and more efforts to ride safely, which is further proved by Vatera’s data. Last year people bought cycling safety equipment worth 6,300 EUR on Vatera, such as lights (58%), safety helmets (34%) and bells or other biking devices making a sound (9%).

On the basis of the number of purchases, mountain bikes were the most popular last year, 1,217 of them were sold on Vatera. One reason of this popularity can be that this is the type that copes the best with the challenges of the streets in the city. They are followed by the traditional urban bicycles with 898 purchases. Road bicycles are the third ones with 410 purchases, while 375 and 203 were sold of the more special trekking and BMX bikes, respectively. 55 per cent of the sold bikes were for adults, while 45 per cent of them were for kids.

Champions of bikes – the most and the priciest

The most bicycles of the last five years were purchased – not surprisingly – in Budapest. This means 8,793 bikes, worth around 570,000 EUR. The capital is followed by Debrecen and Szeged, where biking is the most practical means of transport due to the features of the terrain. In these towns, 671 and 513 bikes were purchased on Valera. The top 10 towns of bike purchasing also contain Pécs, Győr, Miskolc, Székesfehérvár, Tatabánya, Nyíregyháza and Érd. If we want to rank these towns regarding the number of inhabitants, so we consider the buying and selling per capita, the “most-biking” town is Kistarcsa, but Göd, Fót, Szigetszentmiklós and Keszthely are also at the top of this fictive list, while Budapest is only the ninth – reports Vatera.

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