Viktor Orban meets David Cameron in Budapest, MTI photo: Szilárd Koszticsák

According to, the British government could refuse social care in cases of workers coming from other EU states with immediate effect.

The European Commission made a new proposal in connection with the reform needs of the United Kingdom. It would enable the British government to refuse social benefits with immediate effect in cases where workers coming from other EU member states are involved – the Brussel organization told.

Spokesperson Margaritis Schinas confirmed that the EC had made such a proposal, but the member states had not been informed yet.

He emphasized the progress reached at the negotiations between the UK and the EU institutions, but there is no final agreement yet.

Schinas added that the progress has to be approved by all 28 EU member states, wrote.

British Prime Minister David Cameron discussed the reforms with Donald Tusk, President of the European Council.

The process of the negotiations about the British needs for reform has begun in November after Cameron sent the reform claims to Brussels and the member states. A few of the main points: Eurozone members should not make discriminating decisions to the detriment of non-Eurozone members, the contractual obligation to the closer integration of the EU should not apply to Great Britain, and the elimination of the abuse of the free movement within the European Union should take place.

The latter point is the most criticized one, for example by Viktor Orbán. The Hungarian Prime Minister said he did not agree with Cameron in this particular question.

The member states could agree on the other parts of the British reform needs and the final solution is expected at the Union leaders’ meeting on February 18-19. reported that a referendum will be held on the EU membership of the UK until the end of 2017, and the British government wants to re-negotiate its relationship with the Union, so the voters can decide, based on the result of this process, whether they leave or remain in the EU.

Photo: MTI

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