In Hungary, a box of cigarettes is still cheap as it turns out from a recent survey, according to which Hungary still offers cigarettes at a reasonable price among 42 countries where these products are more expensive. Still, one Hungarian smokes around 850 cigarettes per year. The prices will increase as the EU would like to introduce new market rules in the country.

Pénzcentrum reported that from 104 countries, Hungary is the 42nd country regarding the prices of cigarettes with an average price of 4 EUR. In contrast, in Australia 20 cigarettes cost around 20 EUR making it the most expensive country to buy these products. New-Zealand is the second, Ireland is the third. In Croatia and Poland, smoking is cheaper while in Austria, Slovenia and Romania more expensive.

In 2018, 8.3 billion cigarettes(!) were consumed in Hungary, which means approximately 850 cigarettes/one Hungarian citizen. Since 2017, the number of consumed cigarettes in Hungary has increased by 17%.

One Hungarian who buys and smokes one package spends around 1.440 EUR/year while citizens consuming two packages 2.860 EUR/year. By 2021, Hungary will be obliged to raise the prices of cigarettes as the European Union introduces new regulations in the country.

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  1. I wonder if all the articles about smoking are written by non smokers? I only recently quit smoking (3/20) and I struggle each and every day. If smoking is banned anywhere and I fail (yet again), I guarantee that I would be first in line at the black market tobacco “store”, money in hand. Today I choose…how much do I want to smoke, or how much do I want to breath? Tobacco, banned or legal….does it change anything? Just wondering.

  2. It’s often remarked upon in the UK that the tax the government earns from tobacco tax funds the NHS (National Health Service). Although not true (the NHS budget for 2019/20 was 149.4 billion GBP pre-covid) smokers (and drinkers) are certainly a nice little earner for the Treasury Department.

  3. Dear Sarah- Your comment is the most emotional and heart wrenching comment I have ever read! You put your struggle to quite smoking in prospective when you said:
    This statement should be on a Billboards, especially at the High Schools! Better yet on the back of every pack of cigarettes!
    I will light a candle for you at Mass tomorrow and “BREATH” with you)____

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