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The case goes back to Monday, April 12, when Hungarian trucks have arrived at Szentmihályfalva (Šarišské Michaľany) at the facility of Imuna Pharm, where the 200,000 Sputnik V vaccines were stored.

According to Újszó, even though the drivers asked the employees of the facility to load the altogether 37 pallets of vaccines onto the Hungarian trucks, because they are going to deliver them to Hungary for inspection, the employees of Imuna Pharma did not comply with this.

Later, on Wednesday, the company have sent 46 vials of vaccine to a Hungarian laboratory after receiving instruction from the Slovak health ministry. The Hungarian trucks however have stayed there even on Friday.

In his video posted on Facebook, the chairman of the Slovak SNS party, Andrej Danko has stated that the Hungarian trucks are at the facility of Imuna Pharm not because they are going to take the vials for inspection, but because the Hungarian trucks will transport the 200,000 Sputnik V vaccine to Hungary for good, reported Újszó.

Andrej Danko “Maďari nám berú Sputnik.”

Maďari nám berú Sputnik

Posted by Andrej Danko – predseda SNS on Friday, April 16, 2021

“Slovakia has lost the Sputnik vaccines definitively” – said Danko.

Apparently, according to Index, the Hungarians have acquisitioned the Sputnik V vaccines that Slovakia do not need through the Russians and the trucks were there to ship the 37 pallets full of vaccines to Hungary.

According to Andrej Danko, the chairman of the Slovak SNS party, the Hungarians might soon release the Sputnik vaccines at issue to the market.

In his closing accord, the chairman says that he hopes that Russia will pardon Slovakia concerning the issue and Andrej Danko also states that the only way for Igor Matovič would be an early election. Igor Matovič has recently declared his resignation from his title of the Prime Minister of Slovakia.

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