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Index.hu reports that there seems to be a favourable turn in the UK regarding EU nationals as they might not be sent home but allowed to stay.

The site shares the article of the Independentwhich writes that “All 3.6 million EU nationals can stay in the UK after Brexit [as all of them] living in the UK will be allowed to stay [following an] amnesty for those who have not already received permanent residency rights…”

About 2.9 million EU nationals would have permanent residency rights by 2019, while those without the right “will be offered an amnesty and be offered the opportunity to stay”. The plans are not yet confirmed, but several ministers are said to have already accepted them.

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The International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox, however, “had previously claimed he would not guarantee EU citizens could stay in the UK as it was one of [their] main cards during negotiations with the rest of Europe”.

Last week the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, proposed the idea of decreasing the number of immigrants by obliging companies to publish the number of their foreign employees, thus inciting them to employ more Brits.

This plan caused quite some tension, therefore, Michael Fallon, Secretary of State for Defence assured everyone that the government only plans to ask for the numbers and no other data about the employees will get published.

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Source: index.hu, independent.co.uk

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