According to, larger database and bandwidth are needed in Hungary because consumption habits have changed and there are new developments and services. The National Media and Communications Authority (NMHH) would clarify what kind of Internet is needed for the Hungarians.

NMHH is waiting for the remarks about the ideal level of bandwidth, the data protection regulation of the cloud-based applications, the net neutrality and the necessity of the data collection of communications service providers.

NMHH launched an official consultation regarding the revision of the EU electronic communications regulatory framework.

In six topics and 24 regulatory issues, the views of industrial players and stakeholders will be asked, in order to take into account them when the Hungarian position will be established at the reviewing of the European Committee.

Since the last 2009 review, new market players, new services and technical solutions have appeared, which require a new type of legislation.

The most popular channels of communication and the content consumption have changed: there is an increasing demand for a greater data base and greater bandwidth as well.

Issues submitted to the consultation include the clarification of the definitions used in electronic communications, the definition of bandwidth necessary for the country’s development and the market regulation.

Who owns the data in the cloud?

In addition, several data protection issues are also part of the consultation: how the question of the ownership of data should be regulated and what special rules should apply to the cloud-based applications.

You can read the full list of questions and the whole consultation paper in English and in Hungarian on the website of NMHH and you can send your comments to the [email protected] email address.


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