Four new H145M helicopters will join the Hungary Army’s fleet this year and the training of pilots and technical staff is already under way in the company’s German plant, Airbus Helicopters programme manager Martin Keller said.

Next year, an additional 12 and in 2021 another six H145M helicopters will be added to the fleet, Keller said at a press presentation at the plant in Donauworth.

Head of the Hungarian air force’s development directorate László Nagy said the production of 14 helicopters had already started, six were in the final stages of production and two had already made their first flights.

Two Hungarian pilots and ten technical staff are currently getting their training in Donauworth where a total of 50 pilots and 60 technical staff will be trained, he said.

They will have to complete around 50 training sessions before they get all the necessary permits, he added.

In line with the contract, simulator training for pilots could be moved to Hungary but a decision has yet to be made, Nagy said.

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Source: mti

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