Eurostat data showed that among the European Union countries, Hungary has the lowest rate of robberies alongside Slovakia.

Kafkadesk reported that with only nine robberies per 100,000 inhabitants, these two countries recorded the single lowest rate of police-recorded robberies in the European Union in 2017 (latest year available). Other European countries that appeared to be the safest are Slovenia (12 robberies per 100,000 people), Cyprus (14), Estonia and the Czech Republic (both 15), as well as Romania (16).

With 21 police-recorded robberies per 100,000 inhabitants, Poland is also among the safest countries.

On the other side, there are countries where robberies happen on a daily basis and quite frequently. Belgium recorded the highest rate of burglaries in the EU (167 per 100,000 people), followed by France (150), Spain (144), England/Wales (132) and Portugal (115).

In 2017, there were a total of 396,000 robberies in the EU.

Budapest is even safer and more livable than London. As a result of international and European actions – including the Hungarian governance change in 2010 and London’s leadership adjustment in 2016 – the two European capitals have developed differently in the last few years, which has become noticeable by now not only for citizens but even for tourists and foreigners as well — READ MORE HERE

The Hungarian village where crime is an unknown term

The local people of Szárliget (Komárom-Esztergom County) came up with a special trick which made all the criminals and crime disappear from the area.



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