The local people of Szárliget (Komárom-Esztergom County) came up with a special trick which made all the criminals and crime disappear from the area.

According to, a blue sign, which hangs on every house’s door or wall, warns the intruders that someone is watching and listening. Ten years ago, there were many crimes in this small Hungarian village. In one year, there were approximately forty-five cases which were reported to authorities. One man then stood up and came up with a genius idea.

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Szárliget established the ‘Neighbour Supervisor System’ in the village, which ensures that everyone keeps an eye on the other. Thanks to this invention, in the past eight years, no crime happened in the area.

The concept comes from London but works in many other Hungarian towns and cities as well. In the beginning, the villagers were not sure about the plan, but as time went on, more and more people joined to participate. The blue sign on the doors and walls does not mean that everyone is watching from behind the curtains. They just examine people who seem suspicious. When the situation becomes dangerous, they immediately call the local police. Residents do not just look out for thieves and criminals, but they also take care of each other.

In the past years, the population of the village increased. Before the system, twenty houses were located in Szárliget, but now, there are approximately two hundred.

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  1. I live in Deszk. I am British.
    My property from 2016-now had been damaged about 3muk.huft.
    By local Mafia.

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