Greece-Macedonia border

Budapest, March 25 (MTI) – Hungary is committed to carrying through its lawsuit challenging EU mandatory migrant quotas, a government official said on Friday.

The deadline for other EU member states and the European Commission to intervene in the case Hungary lodged at the European Court of Justice on Dec. 3 against the decision taken by the EU on the quota scheme in September last year expired midnight on Thursday, justice ministry state secretary Pál Volner told a press conference.

The lawsuit has so far prevented implementation of the mandatory quota scheme, Volner said. It is already clear that the scheme would not work in practice, he added.

He warned against introducing unenforceable legislation and said the quota scheme conflicts with international law, since under it transferees are not consulted.

Photo: MTI


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  1. Well, according to the BBC News on Migrant Crisis: Migration to Europe. It states Hungary has the highest Migrants in propotion to it’s population 1,800 refugees per 100,000 of Hungarian locals, this is despite having closed it’s boarder with Croatia last October.
    Hungary appears to be on the top of the list for being affected by the refugees, closely followed by Sweeden, Austria, Norway, Finland and then Germany, only 585 per 100,000 of it’s population.

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