Viktor Orban meets David Cameron in Budapest, photo: Zsolt Burger

Budapest, June 19 (MTI) – The Hungarian government will place an advertisement in the British press on Monday to encourage UK voters to support their country remaining a member of the European Union in the upcoming referendum on the subject, the Hungarian government spokesman confirmed press reports on Sunday.

Zoltán Kovács told MTI that a strong Europe required cooperation between its largest members, therefore Britain’s membership was crucial.

The advertisement, signed by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, will read: “The decision is yours, but I would like you to know that Hungary is proud to stand with you as a member of the European Union”.

The British referendum is set for next Thursday.

Photo: Zsolt Burger


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  1. I will be voting for Brexit in the UK this Thursday for the following reasons
    The the EU is an undemocratic institution with no way I can get rid of those in power or affect their legislation in other words it is a totalian regime. My vote therefore counts as nothing.
    I do not agree with mass immigration as the only people it helps are the rich companies who employ them in fact it helps to keep down wages whilst making high profits.
    I do not agree with large companies avoiding tax which they seem to be doing in theEU whilst I cannot avoid taxation in the UK.
    I offer up the evidence that the EU has made a total mess of it’s immigration policy and to date after 12 months is still failing to sort the mess out. Worse still will be it’s enforcement of a Quota sytsem on each EU member state to take in immigrants which will lead to a weakening of the EU due to the costs involved for servicing

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