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Overall only 30 per cent of the members of parliament are female in the EU; men outweigh women in every country, without exception. Hungary is at the bottom of the list when it comes to the number of women having a parliamentary seat.

Eurostat has published their latest survey on the distribution of parliamentary seats among women and men, concluding that the fewest female politicians are in Hungary.

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In 2019, altogether 30 per cent of the parliamentary seats in the EU are held by women, which may be a disappointing result, but it is still higher than the 21 per cent-result from 2003. Even though in Sweden, the highest-ranking country, the division between men and women is almost the same (47% of Swedish politicians are women), the balance is not tipped anywhere in the EU.

Sweden is followed by another Scandinavian country, Finland (42%), and by Belgium and Spain sharing the third place (40%). At the bottom end of the scale, one will find Romania (20%), Cyprus and Greece (18%), Malta (15%),

and finally, in last place, Hungary, with only 13%.

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Concerning female members of the government, the average in the EU is 30 per cent, showing a similar growth from 2003, when it was 23%. Sweden once again heads the list with 52%, sharing the first place with Spain. Then comes France (49%) and the Netherlands (42%).

At the opposite end of the scale are once again Cyprus, Italy and Poland (17%), Malta (12%) and Hungary (7%).

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This means that, concerning both the number of women in parliament and in the government, Hungary comes last.

The EU is making great progress when it comes to female politicians since, in 2003, there were no female prime ministers, but in 2018, there were three. Nonetheless, in these past 15 years, the maximum number of female prime ministers in office at the same time was only four.

It seems that every neighbouring country has made some progress (Slovenia the most, but there are considerable changes in Slovakia and Austria, too), except for Hungary.

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  1. If female politicians, no matter what country they belong to, ACT in the way the female clowns of the Hungarian opposition ACT, it is no wonder men are the dominant politicians in any parliament. Having said that, Hungary’s Fidesz ruling party can boast all wonderful female politicians, who do their jobs very proficiently.

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