Budapest was the winner last year; in 2020, Hévíz also has the opportunity to be awarded as the Best European Destination – as it was reported by the Mayor of Hévíz at a press conference this Tuesday.

Gábor Papp (Fidesz-KDNP) explained that the competition was first organised 9 years ago by the co-operation of 300 tourism organisations and the European Commission, who created the so-called EDEN network.

In 2019, Budapest was the winner; while this year, Hévíz has been selected among the 20 favourite cities, besides Paris, Athens and Fiume, which is already a recognition for the Hungarian “thermal city”.

He also added that the primary purpose of organizers is to popularize European tourism. This year, Hévíz has been nominated as being the best Hungarian health resort including the largest natural thermal lake in Europe, as well as being among the most dynamically prospering Hungarian cities – reported by the Hungarian news portal

Voting for the Best European Destination 2020 is also available on the city’s website within the period of 15th January to 5th February.

According to Edina Fejes – CEO of Hévíz Tourism Nonprofit Ltd. – it is a unique challenge for Hungary to repeat last year’s success of Budapest and duplicate the European Best Destination award with Hévíz. The “thermal city” can provide intimity, tranquillity and harmony, which can be considered as strengths compared to the listed competitors.

Gábor Papp also emphasised that 2018 was a record year; the city tourism had 1 million 222 thousand overnight stays, which – based on preliminary data – even increased by 10-15 thousand guest nights by the end of 2019.


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