The plan of the new stadium

According to, Magyar Nemzet reported on Friday that Budapest has the opportunity to organise the World Athletics Championship in 2023 after it became announced that the African countries can only apply for the 2025 Championship at the earliest.

Hamad Kalkaba Malbum, the president of the Confederation of African Athletics, announced on Wednesday that the 2023 Championship would be too early for the continent. Márton Gyulai, the General Secretary of the Hungarian Athletics Association and member of the European Athletics Association, stated that they were not surprised, because they were previously informed.

At the same time, however, the Internatinal Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) still has not made clear the requirements related to the organisation of the 2023 Championship. Márton Gyulai further added that

only after having seen the expectations can a country, like Hungary or any of the 214 member states, think over the possibility of organizing the event.

The Hungarian sports diplomat pointed out that, apart from Hungary, there is no IAAF country that yet showed interest in the event. The winner plan for the sport event has been already created, and a totally new athletic stadium would provide the venue for the occasion situated south to the Rákóczi Bridge. The Stadium, in its extended form, will be able to host 55,000 people.


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