A working plan for Hungarian-Latvian cultural cooperation has been signed in Riga by human resources ministry state secretary Csaba Latorcai during a three-day visit in Latvia.

The working plan includes a three-year schedule for establishing links that will help cultural cooperation between the two countries, Latorcai told MTI by phone on Sunday.

With a focus on contemporary arts, it will give an opportunity to artists to introduce themselves in each other’s countries through exhibitions, Latorcai said.

The working plan also involves cooperation in literature and literary translation, theatre and joint projects in archives, he added.

The respective governments will provide a framework for cooperation but it will be up to the various institutions and individual artists how much they utilise this, he said.

Latorcai said that during his stay in Latvia, he had also visited a Livonian community in Mazir.

Livonian is a Finno-Ugric language so Livonians are related to Hungarians in terms of their languages, he added.

Livonian is included in the UNESCO’s endangered languages list, he said, adding that he attended an event commemorating the 80th anniversary of the opening of a Livonian Cultural Centre which was supported by Hungary.

Source: MTI

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