Budapest, January 11 (MTI) – Hungary and its government take a stand for Poland, its politics and people, and will not support any sanction against that country, the state secretary for government communication said on Monday.

“We Hungarians have already experienced what it is like if certain politicians and political forces take action against the independent politics of a country,” Bence Tuzson said. Hungary will not participate in such actions, he said.

If the European Union wants to impose sanctions, its decision should be based on a consensus of all members and Hungary will not support such a move, he said.

The European Commission is scheduled to hold a debate about the state of constitutionality in Poland on January 13.


  1. Polish people will not forget such understanding, like now in Hungary. It’s important to be in good company. Not only this time, now…

  2. i want to use this medium and thank Orban for keeping all the maidens of East Europe safe..thank you so much…tonight all the maidens in the capitals of east europe are safe.

  3. I am Jewish and fully F-U-L-L-Y support Orban’s war against NGO’s that infiltrate and interfere in a nations policies.
    Also, American would not sanction giving out advanced degrees by non accredited foreign Universities and so Hungary has full
    right to force all foreign institutions to be accredited in their home country. The question is why does it matter? Its because
    the CEU is escaping regulation. It does not deserve preferential treatment. People with its degrees do not have valid American degrees.
    SUPPORT ORBAN HE IS DOING WHAT HE CAN TO KEEP HUNGARY TOGETHER! No billionaire should have preferntial rights to tear apart a nation through influence and money. TAX THEM!

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