Although the third wave of coronavirus in Hungary has already been present, it started to really be felt last week. The number of new cases has been increasing for four weeks. While it was barely visible in the beginning, the increase has become significant as of today. summarised last week’s numbers and got to the conclusion that

42% per cent more coronavirus cases were registered on the course of last week compared to the previous one.

(which stopped at 23%)

Hungary produces the worst rhythm of daily new coronavirus cases in Europe.

On Saturday, the weekly Hungarian increase stood at 35%, which was already the highest number. With yesterday’s 2912 newly registered cases, this indicator jumped up to 42%.

Based on the dynamics of the epidemic, the number of daily infections rises, followed by the number of those treated in hospitals and in need of ventilation, which is concluded by an increase in the number of deaths in the upcoming weeks. The number of those being treated in a hospital has been increasing for two weeks, while that of those who even need ventilation, for three weeks already.  Looking at the dynamics of new cases, the number of those admitted to hospitals will presumably increase at a considerable rate.

The mortality rate was also increasing until last week when a decrease was registered (593 deceased instead of 616 a week earlier). This decrease is thanks to two very low numbers. Last Monday, 46, while on Sunday, 47 was the registered number of newly deceased. However, between the beginning and the end of the week, there were three days when this number reached over 100. (On Mondays and Sundays, in general, a lower number of victims is registered in the statistics, presumable depending on the weekend. This time, though, the difference between the average and the numbers reported on Monday and Sunday was higher than usual.)

The third wave is said to be really visible in terms of deaths around March.

At the same time, looking at the whole of Europe, the mortality rate is already high in Hungary. If we look at the last two weeks and consider the number of victims in this period taking into account 1 million inhabitants, the situation is worse only in three countries: Slovakia, Portugal and the Czech Republic. In Austria, considering the same number of 1 million inhabitants, only the third of this mortality rate is registered.

However, we have some good news, as well.

The highest number of patients were inoculated last week

(110 thousand people received their first, while 61 thousand already received their second dose of the vaccine). Moreover, the Chinese vaccine, having arrived in the country, is sufficient for the vaccination of 275 thousand people, which is already in the process of being used.

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