Budapest (MTI) – Leaders of Hungarian public content provider Duna Media Service Provider (Duna MSZ) signed agreements during a recent visit to Australia, under which Hungarian news and cultural programmes would be broadcast on Australian television.

Duna MSZ general manager Menyhért Dobos told MTI that their talks had been “successful and productive”.

Balazs Medveczky, director in charge of Duna MSZ television content, said that Duna MSZ would provide a weekly newsreel about Hungary in Hungarian language to Melbourne’s C31 television. Duna MSZ will also provide a similar programme in English to WTV in Perth, while other cultural programmes will also be made available to WTV, Medveczky added.

The Hungarian delegation also had talks with Australian national television SBS aimed at providing Hungarian language programmes in Australia, as well as broadening cooperation between the two countries’ media, Dobos said.

Prior to their talks in Australia, Dobos and Medveczky had visited New Zealand, and met with representatives of the local Hungarian community of some 7,000.

Australia has a 70,000-strong Hungarian community, mostly in Melbourne and Sydney.

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