Budapest, July 1 (MTI) – Hungary is ahead of most of its regional peers when it comes to its various capacities for reacting to big changes, according to a survey by consultancy KPMG and Oxford Economics.

Out of 127 countries, Hungary was in 29th place in the global index ranking countries best equipped to thrive in the face of unprecedented change, or the Change Readiness Index (CRI), business daily Vilaggazdasag reported on Wednesday.

KPMG and Oxford Economics measured such areas as technology, demography and various players in society, including enterprises, NGOs and government.

“The 2015 CRI provides unique and in some cases unexpected insights with smaller, less wealthy and resource-endowed countries often outperforming larger economies on key measures of change readiness,” KMPG said on its website.

Besides the Czech Republic (27th), Hungary was ahead of Slovakia (30th), Poland (32nd) and well ahead of countries like Bulgaria and Romania.

Singapore was found to be the country best equipped, followed by Switzerland and Hong Kong.


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