Budapest, January 17 (MTI) – The Hungarian government rejects Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann’s “blackmail” in his remark that countries that refuse to receive migrants should receive less European Union resources than others, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Sunday.

Hungary has fulfilled the conditions that make it eligible for EU support and these have nothing to do with illegal migration, Szijjarto said in a statement. If European leaders are spending their time blackmailing each other, then they are weakening Europe which is unacceptable, especially in a crisis-ridden period, he added.

Commenting on Austria introducing stricter regulations on migration, Szijjarto said it was “better late than never.” Illegal migration is a much more serious problem than to allow Europe to be “a captive of political correctness” for a year, he added.


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  1. Austria chancellors willingness to allow in not just migrants, but “ILLEGAL’ migrants continues to amaze me to the point of bafflement, if there is such a word. He F’s-Up and decides to take it out on the smarter of the bunch he’s been bashing all along and that warned him. Now his own people suffer because of his own mistakes along with Merkels, and he’s still fighting or blackmailing the people he should be working with. This idiot need to go and fast. I hope the Austrians like the Germans start kicking up some shite soon!

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