Brussels, September 3 (MTI) – Hungary will remain committed to protecting its borders, as well as implementing provisions of the EU Schengen Agreement, the Hungarian prime minister said in Brussels ahead of talks with the European Council’s president on Thursday.

Viktor Orban will meet Donald Tusk to discuss the migration crisis.

Speaking at a joint press conference, Orban said protecting the border is not a matter of choice, making reference to the Agreement which clearly states that the “Schengen borders can only be crossed at designated crossing points.”

Hungarian authorities are protecting not only Hungary’s borders, but “the external borders of Europe as well,” he said.

Tusk said that Europe must do a lot more to tackle the migration crisis.

He said measures aimed at stemming the migration wave must be addressed seriously and must involve strengthening the borders.

Tusk called it important for institutions and organisations dealing with the migration wave to receive increased contribution from Europe.

Photo: MTI


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  1. The migrants have a great proportion of able bodied men. Many of them openly admit that they are avoiding being drafted into the army of their country in the Middle East. It is well known that the Iraqis ran away and gave up their arms to the ISIS and so they gave away their country. Now they would want to be resettled in Europe under disguise as Syrians. It can be further the case that the real Syrians do not want fight in Assad’s army. It is the general opinion that to defeat the ISIS a ground force is needed. Instead of running away and imposing themselves on Europe these young man ought to fight for freedom in their own country. Hungary fought for its freedom, and so did others. If they ran away there would be no Hungary. These young man should be trained, armed and made to go back to fight to liberate their country, The ground force should not be cowering in Europe. Where is the UN. Why can’t they make Assad come to the table to work out some kind of agreement. It cannot be that these factions in the Middle East fight each other, while they inundate their population to burden other Nations.

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