The Government of Hungary condemns in the strongest possible terms the sixth nuclear test carried out by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on 3 September 2017 in blatant violation of multiple United Nations Security Council resolutions that reflect the will of the international community. North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and reckless provocations constitute the gravest threat to global safety and security today.

All nations should take a strong public stance against North Korea by maintaining and strengthening UN sanctions to ensure North Korea will face consequences for its relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. We must increase diplomatic and economic pressure on the North Korean leadership to abandon their plans that threaten regional and global peace.

With its Asian strategic partners and Western allies, the Hungarian Government calls upon Pyongyang to stop all provocations, to dismantle its nuclear program and to return without delay to the Six-Party Talks, which can lead to a nuclear weapon-free, peaceful and enduring settlement on the Korean peninsula. It is the firm position of the Hungarian Government that North Korea must not be recognized as a nuclear power under any circumstances.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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