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Hungary’s government is committed to reopening low-capacity rail lines to Slovakia, foreign ministry state secretary Levente Magyar said on Friday. Addressing a free university of ethnic Hungarian mayors and councillors in Slovakia’s Velky Meder/Nagymegyer, he said the plan involves six existing railway lines that are currently out of operation.

The two governments have entered into negotiations about the plan, he said.

The Hungarian-Slovak border is one of the longest and least passable borders within the European Union even after the number of border crossings has increased by one third, to 34 since Viktor Orbán’s government took office seven years ago, he said.

Magyar said

the most important move to improve traffic links between the two countries would be the construction of a new road bridge between Komárom and Komarno (Révkomárom).

The state secretary added that

Budapest would be connected with Bratislava/Pozsony and Kosice/Kassa in a few years.

Photo: Daily News Hungary

Source: MTI

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