Budapest (MTI) – European Union membership carries benefits for Hungary and the country should not exit the bloc just because it does not function properly, the speaker of Hungary’s parliament said in an interview published in daily Magyar Hírlap on Saturday.

Efforts should however be made towards changing the EU, László Kövér told the paper.

The EU currently provides member states “the most advantageous framework” for enforcing national interests, Kövér said, adding that as a member Hungary has more opportunities than it would have outside the community.

“But EU leaders have failed to realise that problems have emerged at the level of the community operating as a system,” Kövér said. “What voters in member states see is that decisions are made over their heads, far away, in Brussels,” Kövér told the paper.

Commenting on the UK’s decision to leave the EU, Kövér said that the blame for “the mistake” can solely be put on the EU which is led by morally and politically failed politicians who always shift responsibility for everything onto someone else.

Photo: MTI


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