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Hungary shows “exceptional solidarity” to Germany since Hungarian taxpayers pay to protect the Hungarian borders, thereby protecting Germany against illegal immigration, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said on Saturday, in connection with an interview Chancellor Angela Merkel gave to two German newspapers. 

“Hungary has spent over 800 million euros on border protection and has not received any assistance,” Szijjártó said.

He welcomed growing support for Hungary’s standpoint on migration over the last two years. “The Hungarian government has said from the beginning that there is no need to bring trouble over here, but to take help to the places where the trouble is,” he added.

The minister noted that Germany is an important economic partner for Hungary.

“German companies are taking a big slice of EU funding destined for Hungary, but we don’t mind because they employ Hungarian people, so this situation is good for everyone,” he said.

In an interview to Nordwest Zeitung and Passauer Neue Presse,

Merkel said refusing to show solidarity between EU member states would not be consequence-free.

As we wrote before, German chancellor Angela Merkel said in a recent election debate that Hungary’s premier had failed to show solidarity by refusing to help refugees in 2015.

Source: MTI

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