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Hungary stands by its position that the European Commission should contribute to the costs of the fence Hungary installed along its border with Serbia at the onset of the migration crisis, the government office chief said on Thursday.

At his weekly press briefing, János Lázár noted that the EC had rejected Hungary’s request for the EU to finance half of the costs of the border fence.

European commissioner for migration, home affairs and citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos refused Hungary’s request for support for the operation and construction of the Hungarian fence, saying the commission does not consider aid for the building of the fence or extra expenses related to migration to be justified.

Lázár said the government was astonished by the response, saying that Hungary’s border seal and other fences had put a break on the illegal migration wave through the Balkans in 2015. The closure of the Balkan route has helped Europe to get a grip on the migration process, he added.

He said it was unworthy of the culture of European cooperation to deprive Hungary of the possibility of subsidies which the country had a right to.

Further, the government office chief said the commission operated double standards. Other countries such as Bulgaria received European support, even for the building of its fence, meanwhile the commission, he said, paid for migrants to enter the bloc.

“We insist that the fence is the solution rather than organising migration,” he said.

The relationship between Brussels and Budapest will continue to be influenced by the issue this year, he said, particularly since the commission is expected to initiate the distribution of migrants already in Europe, with a further 50,000 migrant relocations.

“All this runs contrary to European values,” Lázár added.

On another subject, Lázár said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will take part in a conference of EU leaders in Gothenburg in the coming days, focusing on the social aspects of the labour market. The EC likely believes that the EU’s social pillar should support migration, he said, adding that Hungary would never support this. “We believe it is European workers that should receive support.”

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  1. Again, this is good news from Mr. Gulyás Gergely, leader of the Fidesz-fraction during an interview on the television. As far as he is concerned no mosques will be built in the Central European country.
    In Holland an anti-Islamization sound mainly takes place on the right flank of the political arena, but in Hungary criticism of religion is elevated to government policy. We have seen that again in an interview with the Fidesz Group Chairman in the Hungarian Parliament. As far as Gulyás is concerned, no mosques are being built in Hungary. The people’s representative simply finds it a too great risk in terms of terrorism.
    Gulyás responded to the events in New York where recently an attack took place. According to him such events can happen ‘at any time, every minute’ in places where radical Islam is allowed to settle. He said that ‘nobody wants to restrict the freedom of religion’ but also the theme of national security should be considered. And that leads him to the following conclusion: Where mosques are, problems arise. That’s right! So in Hungary there will be no mosques. This is how we can respond to this. There are some initiatives to build mosques. We must say clearly that in this situation, taking into account safety, that would have negative consequences. We are sorry that someone in this situation must be the loser, but we cannot change our opinion. Because this is not only about religious freedom but about a question of national security.
    A remarkable quotation because it has never been before that members of the European Christian Democratic family (including for example CDA (Holland) and CDU (Germany) express themselves so clearly about Islam. Incidentally, it remains to be seen whether Gulyás will be able to maintain his ban on building mosques: like all other European countries, Hungary is subject to the European Convention on Human Rights. This document guarantees citizens rights and freedoms, including religious ones. There is a big chance that the judge will not honor a Hungarian mosque building stop. However the safety of its own people must be taken in consideration and referring to the many attacks in Europe and the death of many, many innocent people there must be send a clear statement to the Islam. For me, Islam is like a serious disease (the plague) that is transforming the whole of Europe into a caliphate. Is this what we want, and must we then watch silently to see how all civilisation and culture built up by our ancestors will be destroyed? And where are the ‘representatives of the people’ who will have nothing to say at all here? Flights to sunny and pleasant places – a place under the sun is of course quickly arranged for this Brussels wreckage.

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