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Budapest, March 8 (MTI) – Hungary has voiced support for a document urging the European Union to define further tasks to improve the situation of women, the human resources ministry told MTI on Monday.

Hungary firmly supports measures aimed at promoting equality between the sexes, and suggested that the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council adopt a conclusion to set further tasks for the European Commission and member states, the ministry said in statement.

The statement added it was regrettable that the council refused to deal with the proposal separately from another document promoting equal rights for members of the gay community (LMBTI). Hungary did not support the latter document due to “serious concerns impacting the sovereignty of member states”.

The council refused to separate the two proposals and did not adopt either of them, the statement said.

In its statement referring to Hungary’s constitution, the ministry said the government would never support decisions which “do not reflect values contained therein”. Regulations concerning the family are a national competency, it said, and Hungary does not accept any European decisions which would “exert direct or indirect pressure on Hungary to revise its fundamental values concerning family law”.

Hungary’s constitution and its laws ensure protection of the gay community, but any European document that paves the way for future measures which would “impose further, not yet clarified obligations” on the country should be avoided, the ministry said.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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