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Hungary will host the AIBA Youth Women’s and Men’s World Championship in 2018. As reports from the press conference, the outstanding boxing tournament where 82 countries and 447 participants will be represented starts on 21 August.

The prestigious boxing Championship will take place in the Danube Arena, which has been re-designed for this occasion. At the press conference, István Bajkai Member of Parliament, former Vasas boxer emphasized the high significance of the event. As he said, Hungary is a sporting nation, and the youth competition perfectly fits our country’s sports event records in the past few years. Following the 2017 FINA World Championships, and after the announcement that Budapest might host the Athletic World Championship, the AIBA tournament represents a great success.

„In sports and boxing especially, there is no progress without hard work. This could be the motto of our work-based society” – as Bajkai said.

Zsolt Erdei, President of the Hungarian Boxing Association and head of the event’s organizer commission reported about the visit of AIBA’s functionaries last week. According to the international organizers, it is to be guaranteed that Hungarian organizers will give their best in the preliminary works, and the Championship will prove to be successful.

As Erdei said in response, „we are ready to show what Hungary is capable of in and out of the ring, and look forward to putting on a show worthy of the occasion.”

He did not keep in secret his hopes that Hungarians, especially Attila Bernáth may even gain the gold medal throughout the contests.

Magyar Ökölvívó Szövetség Hungarian Boxing Association

Károly Balzsay, captain of Men’s national team shares Erdei’s views regarding potential Hungarian performance, but admits that luck will also play a role. The Hungarian Men’s team is currently taking part in hard training with the world’s strongest teams.

Training camp in Russia, contests with Ukrainian and Croatian teams at Kőszeg and international training camp at Győr: this is what the team’s schedule looks like, as the professional shared.

Mária Kovács, the coach, is in Dublin with the Women’s national team for training, preceded by a training camp in Assissi, from where she sent a video message to the participants of the press conference. Thankful for the preparatory work of the Association, she named Hanna Lakotár, Emília Kondákor, Vera Villás or Luca Hámori as potential winners from the Women’s team.

The competition will take place between 20-31 August in a surprisingly unusual place, the Danube Arena, originally built to accommodate water sports competitions. Although the coverage of the pool represented a great challenge, it seems it has been overcome and the 5300 viewers can fully enjoy the facilities provided by the Arena.

It is now almost certain that the cabala figures of the World Championship have also been selected: their names are Bingó and Ringó, and can be seen below.

Women’s Hungarian National team participants:

Vitál Dominika (48 kg), Lakotár Hanna (51 kg), Kondákor Emília (54 kg), Matesz Viktória (57 kg), Hámori Luca (60 kg), Villás Vera (64 kg), Ambrus Viktória (69 kg), Petrovics Gabriella (75 kg), Szinta Major Barbara (81 kg).

Men’s Hungarian National team participants:

Bernáth Attila (49 kg),Borsos Tamás (52 kg), Ángyán József (56 kg), Orbán Adrián (60 kg), Danyi Dániel (64 kg), Barbosu Tibor (69 kg), Kóczián Dávid (75 kg), Egervári Richárd (81 kg), Fehér Koppány (+91 kg).

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