Szabolcs Takács may become Hungary’s new ambassador in Washington. He is an experienced career diplomat having a political background, as well. The position in Washington has been empty since László Szabó returned to become the leader of Mediaworks, a Hungarian media publishing company. Szabolcs Takács will probably start his work only after the presidential elections in the United States.

According to index.hu, the process to select the new Hungarian ambassador to Washington came to an end in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and they will propose Szabolcs Takács to the decision-makers. Mr Takács is 49-year-old and a Fidesz-close career diplomat. He used to be a secretary of foreign affairs and the president of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, as well.

However, the press department of the ministry

has not yet confirmed Index’s information.

But gossip still holds in the ministry that he is the chosen one for the position.

Interestingly, many thought before that deputy minister of foreign affairs, Levente Magyar, will be the next Hungarian ambassador in the US, but the ministry quickly denied that assumption. Furthermore, people said that

Takács may become Hungary’s delegation leader in the United Nations.

The position of the ambassador in Washington is so vital that former ministers held it before like Géza Jeszenszky and Ferenc Somogyi. At the same time, even László Szabó was a deputy minister before his nomination. Currently, a chargé d’affaires leads the Hungarian embassy in Washington.

Based on the information of Index.hu, the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is prepared for any outcomes of the presidential election and the new ambassador will only start his work in the next presidential term.

Source: index.hu

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  1. Based on the information of Index.hu… is there anyone who actually reads index.hu anymore?

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