Donald Trump & Viktor Orbán

Relations between Hungary and the United States are the best they have ever been, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said on Facebook on Friday.

The minister reacted to comments by US Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, who recently categorised Poland and Hungary as “totalitarian regimes”, comparing them to Belarus.

Speaking at a town hall on Thursday, the former vice-president said NATO was at risk of “beginning to crack” because of “what’s happened in everything from Belarus to Poland to Hungary and the rise of totalitarian regimes in the world.”

Szijjártó said US President Donald Trump and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán shared similar views on illegal immigration, border protection, security and the need to support families and protect Christian communities.

The minister insisted that it was because of these policies that Biden had “involved Hungary in the presidential election campaign”, adding that his comments “have nothing to do with reality”.

Trump Hungary railway
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Source: MTI

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  1. Respectfully, may I ask Foreign Minister – Peter Szijjarto, if you are correct in your opinion, of the United States of America and Hungary, the bonding and closeness of our relationship, what factorial good is that to the 9.6 million citizens of Hungary ?
    What, if you are correct, is the major benefit, that we, to the quality of our lives, gain and benefit, if your opinion is correct ?
    Respectfully, is not America a Humanitarian Disaster ?
    Is not America a Shambles ?
    Is not America imploding from within ?
    Respectfully, the list of negatives, why I would be extremely cautious taking an unequivocal position on relationships with the United States of America, at this time in their History, is driven by the disastrous mismanagement in their deplorable handling of this novel coronavirus, that centers on their President – Donald J Trump.
    The horrendous ramifications 331 million Americans to date have suffered and endured through incompetence of their Government and the continual collapse and decline of America, – on it’s own soil – and their declining international reputation, the high probability of a new in-coming Democratic President, these and other significant reasons, would lead me to take a position, that was circumspect in opinion of the relationship at present that exists between the The United States of America and Hungary.
    Hungary, who ever the victor is in November 2020, we will , as a country, allied to them, and them to us, continue to work politically in our interests first – and in the interest of The United States of America – secondly.
    I have no reservations that this will not be the position that our Government will continue to pursue, what ever political party is elected into Government in November 2020, in The United States of America.
    Stay Safe & Well – ALL.

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