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Budapest (MTI) – Hungary has asked and called on the Maltese authorities to provide information without delay about the alleged rape of a Hungarian woman by a Libyan migrant in Malta reported by online news portal hvg.hu, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said on Monday.

Hungary has not yet received a comprehensive report from the authorities but the Hungarian embassy in Rome and the honorary consul in Malta have received confirmation that a Hungarian citizen had indeed reported such an incident.

Hungary finds it unacceptable that the Maltese authorities have not provided more detailed information on the case, he added.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

  1. A comprehensive report can only be issued after all the investigations.

    The person who allegedly committed rape has been taken to court, but it will be after judgment that it will be confirmed whether rape had actually taken place or not.

    This is not to reduce the impact of the heinous crime if it really happened, but reports in the Maltese media said that woman was drunk and if so it makes the rape more violent because she was not in a position to give her consent to sex.

    However, people especially women should be more careful and not get drunk when they know that Malta together with mainland Europe have been invaded by these troglodytes from third world countries on EU, UNHCR, the Jesuits Refugee Service, IOM, Amnesty International and other NGO’s who depend on mass illegal immigration to get their profit and remain in business.

    Remember that they have also been invited by Merkel who now wants to get rid of them and dump them on other countries.

    The best way is to get out of the EU and tell them to shove their orders up their backside where the sun don’t shine.

    Otherwise they will continue to enforce their undemocratic decisions and continue with the invasion of Europe by illegal immigrants and European people will have to go armed everywhere because of the illegal immigrants, especially Africans who think that they are still in their jungle with their jungle laws.

    Also, the Refugee Convention and the European Convention on Human Rights must be scrapped because they are being abused left, right and centre by the illegal immigrants and by the judges of the ECHR who continuously expand their powers that they were never given through creeping jurisdiction.

    Scrap the EU, the Refugee Convention and the European Convention on Human Rights and consign them to the dustbin of history to where they rightly belong because they are causing the downfall of all European countries.

    It will also be very informative for your readers to google the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan to see how the New World Order of which the EU and other organizations form part wants to eliminate the European race and replace it with a mixed African-Asian one.

    Perhaps you ca also make an article on the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan to inform your readers about it and prevent the destruction of Hungary and the European race.

  2. @ Tony spot on ,a very nice comment .To know more about the problems they have in Malta by the rapeugees you can go to, timesofmalta.com ,

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