Budapest, February 12 (MTI) – Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has welcomed the recent agreement on a ceasefire in Ukraine.

Speaking at a press conference held jointly with his Polish counterpart Grzegorz Schetyna on Thursday, Szijjarto added, however, that implementation of the agreement should be closely monitored and its achievements evaluated.

Hungary is interested in a peaceful resolution of the Ukraine conflict and settlement must be achieved through negotiations, Szijjarto said. He insisted that any supply of arms to Ukraine would but escalate the conflict, and added that Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, its borders recognised by the international community “cannot be questioned”.

Concerning an upcoming visit by Prime Minister Viktor Orban to Ukraine, Szijjarto said that his talks will focus on bilateral relations as well as opportunities for Hungary to assist Ukraine in the latter country’s structural reforms.

On the subject of Hungary-Poland ties, Szijjarto said that the two countries were strategic partners, and have “always seen eye to eye on cardinal issues” and voiced hope that that agreement will continue in the future.

Schetyna said the friendship between Hungarians and Poles was a basis for central Europe’s cooperation. “Though there may be different views in foreign policy, the two countries will always come to an agreement,” he said.

The Polish foreign minister shares Hungary’s position supporting a peaceful political resolution of the Ukraine crisis.

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