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Budapest, August 2 (MTI) – With the harvest practically completed, average yield of autumn wheat is expected to reach 5.4 tonnes per hectare in Hungary compared to the earlier estimate of 5 tonnes per hectare, farm ministry state secretary György Czerván said on Tuesday.

The total sowing area is 960,000 hectares this year compared to more than 1 million hectares in 2015, he added. As a result, the autumn wheat harvest is expected to total between 5 million and 5.1 million tonnes this year, similar to 2015, he added.


Average yield of autumn barley came to 5.3 tonnes per hectare, on a total sowing area of 269,000 hectares.

Average yield of rape-seed amounted to 3.2 tonnes per hectare, harvested from 250,000 hectares.

Czerván said this year’s average yields are 11 percent higher than last year and 20 percent higher than the average of the past five years.

Due to the unusually wet weather, however, milling quality wheat accounts for 50-60 percent of the total, less than the average of the previous years, he said.

The total amount of cereal harvested in the summer is expected to come to 8 million tonnes this year, up 30 percent from the five-year average, Czerván said.


Photo: MTI

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