According to, authorities will have a totally different attitude towards refugees from next Tuesday. Those who enter illegally, will be caught, prisoned and quickly expelled from the country. Those who submit an asylum application will not be able to enter Hungary and will be sent back to Serbia. The government prepares for crowd control scenes too, but according to Orbán’s plans, that is the only way that there will be relatively calm for Christmas.

Viktor Orbán and János Lázár noted several times in the days that there will be a new era in the treatment of refugee situation from September 15. The Prime Minister and his Minister hinted that the amendments of the asylum legislative package approved by the Parliament will come into force this time.

It is not about simple technical changes. The authorities, the police, the immigration office, the court get assets, liabilities which provide a totally different managing of the refugees arriving at the border. For example, the police will give very different responses to the outbursts seen in Röszke on Monday and Tuesday.

Refugees will be expelled within 3 hours

According to the government sources of, the creation of the so-called transit zones will be a quite important change. U-shaped areas will be established, which will be open to the Serbian border and closed towards Hungary.

Because of these zones, the border strip will be expanded to 60 meters, and it is an important new feature that the transit zone does not constitute the area of Hungary.

It will be a non-state area, such as the Ferihegy Airport transit. That is, the refugees will connect with the Hungarian authorities in such a way that they do not enter Hungary, namely the EU.

The immigrants can submit their asylum applications in the transit zones, there is the only way to legally get into the EU. Minister of Foreign Economic and Foreign Affairs Péter Szijjártó earlier said that three of those transit zones would be constructed at the Serbian border. By law, the submitted asylum application must be dealt with in 8 days. (According to the European rules, a refugee can freely move about in the EU during this time). Only those can enter Hungary who receive refugee status.

But the government has a tricky answer to this.

According to a cabinet member, it would be prescribed for the authorities not to avoid the decision: they should decide on the application in 2-3 hours. These decision will be almost invariably dismissive, since based on a legal amendment in the summer too, the government declared Serbia a safe country.

Thus, it seems the refugees arriving at the Serbian borders will not have other choice but to turn back to Serbia from the Hungarian transit zone.

Illegal border crossers will be expelled

Of course, they can also choose to try to illegally enter the country as thousands of people already do it. From September 15, however, it is not an offense, but – according to the amended Criminal Code – a crime. Then the police will not escort them to a registration point or place them on a bus, but take them into custody and send to court. The judges must decide quickly. The result will be prison and/or expulsion, according to the Criminal Code.

Viktor Orban urges the construction of the fence and told off Minister of Defense Csaba Hende because only the fence can make sure that the mass of refugees go to the transit zone and do not walk through the green border. So it is all the same a refugee wants to go Hungary legally or illegally, he/she almost certainly will be expelled.

But what if they are trying to break through en masse?

It may well be, of course, the outraged refugees rebel and try to break through collectively. A cabinet member said the government expects it and is prepared for these attempts.

Therefore, they ensured that the army can be deployed at the border. (According to, the Parliament will vote on the necessary 2/3-majority legal amendments on September 21). It is envisaged that the police will protect the border, but behind every policemen, there will also be 2-3 soldiers as well: nothing will prohibit it from then on.

There will be no fire order for the policemen and the soldiers, the policemen can use their already existing entitlements: water cannon, tear gas, truncheons. According to, the cabinet expects such scenes in the coming weeks.

Where does this strict action lead?

The government estimates that there will be two consequences of the strict action:

Human traffickers and refugees realize that it is hard to get to the EU through Hungary: they should go elsewhere.
Serbia will also have a different attitude and will not let the refugees in its territory easily, creating even passages for them. After all, the tens of thousands jammed at the Hungarian border will cause Serbia a serious problem.

According to the government plans, the great influx of immigrants will come to an end at the Serbian-Hungarian border for Christmas. However, it is naïve to think the refugees and human traffickers will turn back and will not look for other ways. The government scenario thinks it is imaginable they will bypass towards Croatia (Romania is also possible, but less likely, as it would mean a huge detour to Germany).

According to the government’s calculation, the rivers at the Croatian-Hungarian border, Drava and Mura will deter the refugees and human traffickers to go to Hungary, so it remains Slovenia, which is no longer the concern of the Hungarian government. If the immigrants wanted to come en masse from Romania or Croatia, the cabinet does not rule out the fence construction there, too. Fidesz politicians also hinted it, but there is no decision about it yet.

The new era means that the government will minimize the likelihood that hundreds of immigrants achieve M1 or even M5 highway.

According to a cabinet member, you have to prepare for “hard scenes” at the Serbian border from next Tuesday.

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  1. Great plan!!!!!!!

    If it was my decision I would shoot anyone that tries to cross the border illegaly.

  2. Excellent news!!! Time to put an end to political correctness and deal with this invasive islamic garbage.go and preach islam at the bottom of the sea.

  3. And the Greeks ??? Ohhh, they are in crisis!!! This rules does not apply for Greeks! We will do -at least in this – in due time (?) the right provisions ! We will remember Indian’s reserves!!! But it will be too late !!!

  4. This will only increase the influx of refugees. Hungary must be flooded with immigrants.

  5. We should share the planet in peace and treat eachother as good famlly members l. Am lucky l can live in a country where l. Can share a pizza with my muslim friend one half of the pizza is. Chicken he can eat that and i can eat the pepperoni or the chicken. There would be a solution for every crisis on the world if there would be love in your heart

  6. No one even wants to stay in Hungary, they are just trying to get to Germany, who has opened their borders to refugees. Rather than spend all that time, money and gasoline trucking refugeess back to Serbia, and building fences and policing them, why not just take them to Germany.. URGHHH

  7. World-view will be bad for Hungary for its tough stand, but this must be done. Merkel is the engineer of this mess and its entire blame lies with her, the U.N. and E.U., the two most despicable and vile organizations.

  8. Bloody Brilliant!! Hungary thank GOODNESS you are not like the weak willed, cowardly Germans and Swedish. You may be single handedly saving Europe.

    Much Praise.

  9. Sandor, wishful thinking, however, the Arab/muslim does not think the same as the west. You may share that pizza that way with him, next time it will not be with pepperoni, he will demand that it be halal. After that, you may order pizza, but it will be just halal and you may not partake of it until you become muslim. That is the way they work. Finally they will close the pizza shop as the muslim have now moved into the neighbourhood, pushed the Christians out and you are not welcome in the muslim area.
    Do you understand? They are not like us, they are out destroy our fundamental freedoms and rights and turn us all into muslims. They start with small things,maybe religious holidays, prayers 5 times a day, school teachings, pushing their teachings on the public, but later they will press for their own laws, their own courts and justice system.

  10. Dear Hungarians,
    Be grateful for your brave politicians .They are the last barricade for protecting EU
    and Hungary from chaos and anarchy.

  11. Bravo Hungary,much respect from Poland!!! You Prime Minister is the only leader in the EU with a brain and guts!

  12. Well done Hungary, doing your bit to stop the islamic invasion into Europe! We are indebted to you. Regards from Britain.

  13. How comes the hungarians are so heartless? I do get the impression it was a bit too early to accept you into the EU, as many Hungarians do not share basic western principles of humanity. I sincerely hope civilisation will soon reach hungary too.

  14. From a Dutch guy: good to see that there are also good political leaders in Europe. Too many examples that are not worth their salary.

  15. Wonderful plan! Godspeed to PM Orban!

    To those preachy, holier-than-though pseudo-Christians who say what the Hungarian government is doing does not represent Christian values, I say this:

    Jesus said turn your own other cheek! But he didn’t say turn your neighbours’ and your children’s and all your nation’s other cheeks too for the bully to slap them as well!!!

    If these illegal aliens whom we know not who they are, what is their true identity, do they have a crime record or not, are they terrorists or not, etc… are allowed to roam our towns and cities freely, and innocent citizens get killed or mugged or robbed or raped as a result, do you think that would be pleasing to God!? Would not then the government fail to fulfil his duty in His sight!

    Do you think our Lord is the author of chaos or that He condones this lawlessness in any way, shape or form? You shallow syrupy pseudo-Christians who think Christianity is just being nice and smiley and naive and a doormat to all evil advantage takers and cheats, know NOTHING about the true Christianity which is the teachings of a HOLY God!! Upholding law and order IS a Christian value! Providing safety for the law-abiding citizens of Europe, in their own homelands IS a Christian value! Not spoiling or indulging people who are quite clearly country-shopping around Europe IS a Christian value! Not tempting the people of the 3rd World to come to Europe and commit a sin in lying about their background in order to get to live here without a valid reason IS a human value! Fix your theology! Knee-jerk do-gooderism IS NOT a Christian value!

  16. Good policy, long overdue. Get ready to employ alot of force/violence and perhaps alot of unpopularity/backlash!

  17. Shame our Australian Pollies on both sides of Govt for being gutless and giving into the bleeding heart brigade.

  18. Marcus,
    Only your kind are heartless. King St. Istvan, saved your kind from extinction via extermination, literally in the last thousand years. You don’t fool anyone here. Go back to your shed, and keep slaughtering your chickens as that will be your only source of food once the taliban take over your large former european country.

  19. Fantastic…. Mr True Leader Orban and Co. Keep bay these illegal muslim rats. Sweden , Norway , England , France , Italy , Greece , Spain , Holland already dstroyed by EU spineless politicans. Shoot Muzzie rats at sights.

  20. Maybe it’s not too late for Europeans who have some brains to save our home from tomorrow’s disaster, we should take to the streets in MILLIONS to say NO to the destruction of our Home and disband the EU! The left-minded idiots and criminals destroyed a good half of the world in the 20th century, now they are finishing Europe!

  21. These immigrants are mainly men. Ask yourself why? They have no respect for European law or the people that live there and especially the woman suffer. The rape statistics is going thru the roof were they are. They are breaking your spirit. It’s the oldest trick in warfare “The Trojan Horse”. Europe is been set up and they use refuses to pull a curtain over your eyes.

  22. Hungary I salute you! This is the only viable solution to address the immediate problem!

    Refuse to accept asylum seekers if they arrive from a safe country and expel immediately those who attempt to cross the border illegally. When all have been pushed back to the first safe country since leaving an unsafe zone or country – asylum cases can be reviewed. Next step is to implement a more efficient border control through Frontex which needs a forceful mandate to uphold the outer borders of EU.


  24. Hungary thank you from the rest of the world for standing up for what is yr constitutional rights. History will prove you did the right thing….time will prove you right. Ignore the worlds media that is bias and ignorant, let them take the so called refugees home to their mummies and see how long before they rob their mummies and change their tunes.
    If i lived closer iI’d help you protect yr boarders from the invaders.
    The rest of world needs to grow some balls like Hungary.
    From Australia

  25. To nur. Who commented about no Christian values there. yes there are. Protecting the people and country

  26. Germany and the fat lady in charge should bear the brunt for this flood of muslim invaders or hegira. If she had not dangled the prospect of permanent settlement of 800,000 vermin this year and 500,000 per year for the foreseeable future this would not have happened.
    Having enticed this scum she now wants the rest of Europe to share this burden. I say no. Your ancestors fought and died to bequeath this country to you and you in turn must hand it your descendants an intact country peopled by humans and not savages.
    Are you people even aware that all of North Africa, Turkey and the Middle East(Syria, Iraq, Egypt) were Christian lands. Where are the Christians? The answer is here.

  27. To Sandor and Nur: First of all maybe you should learn a bit about history and Hungarian values and how they stood up for Christianity and Christian values for over 1000 years! Of course you are quite ignorant to preach about it otherwise you would not write what you both did. There is nothing wrong with Muslims as long as they live in their own Muslim countries. However, when they immigrate legally or invade illegibly as they are now, regardless of that fact they will not assimilate, or will respect traditions of the countries they settle in. Will want to change the traditions, culture and the Laws to suit theirs and the existing will be destroyed.

    Hungary, as well as any other Christian nation have the right to protect their citizens, and to control who they admit. The economic refuges who are mostly Muslims are not following any kind of Laws, refuse the very Laws that the EU set for admission requirements, and they think by making unreasonable demands they can get away with it, and they throw shit fits when they do not get them, and behaving like animals. There are many videos of what they do when they are let in and do damage:

    They also rebelled at many Hungarian places, and just created havoc and garbage. Do not blame Hungary for what the migrants face, Hungary did not created the problems. Take a very good look at just who are these migrants! You will notice most are able bodied , healthy, fit young men, who could easily fight for their Human Rights in their homelands to protect themselves and their families, but they are unwilling to do, because they are not only chicken shit cowards but lazy. It is much easier to to go and seek a better livelihood than to work or fight for it and make demands on those foolish, naive Christians sympathizers who they can scam that they need help! Sorry not all of us are so naive!

    We have charity and and a kind heart to those who share our values, and truly in need of help, but not to those do not. 99% of these migrants do not deserve any kind of help or charity, and the best thing they can do is go home and make a positive change in their own homelands!

  28. Mr. Orban

    You are the only European leader protecting your own citizens from these “country shopping” economic migrants. Once the Syrians were in Turkey, Jordan, etc, they were safe from harm. They are leaving because of the generous social welfare benefits offered by the Germans who are still strangely full of guilt about the sins of their grandparents. These fools will destroy their economy, way of life, identity, and culture. Notice how the “refugees” in Calais trying to make their way to the UK are perfectly healthy, strong young men? They are not trying to work or fight for freedom in their home countries- they are jumping the line to get to greener pastures.

    Shame on the EU for being such wimps and ignoring the needs of their own citizens, and ignoring the EU’s own laws.

    Viktor Orban says the truth that most Europeans are too wimpy to say in public

  29. Easy!! Get the young able bodied men into the army and send them back to Syria to fight ISIS and the Taliban. Then they can come and live with the rest of us. If they refuse, send them back on an express shuttle. This will cover 90% of the migrants.

  30. THANK YOU . Victor Orban. We need Victor Orban in Germany. Merkel has decided to destroy Germany and Europe. THANK YOU.

  31. Why is it these immigrants hate western Europe and the west (as in North America), yet they all want to come here? You bleeding hearts out there are soooo blind to what is happening. Canada was built on certain values and freedoms. Anyone who comes here and wants to add to it fine, but instantly demand changes (because they know their right), has to go.
    A lot of people are proud of their heritages, scottish, german, hungarian, english. But those countries are being taken over at a horrendous rate. Why not mange and change their own countries, why do they need a global take over. Limit your families to what you can afford like normal people do, or is it because of a bigger plan.
    People need to look at the big picture. Look how the criminal system has changed since the 60’s since the bleeding hearts club, look how respectless of a generation we have now, discipline was taken away. Your going to tell me things are better now than 40 or 50 yrs ago? Think again. We are in a downward spiral which is getting faster

  32. Thank God for Hungary having great leaders with great sense. You are standing bravely against muslim immigrants, who want to flood Europe with their twisted, misogynous views, masked as a “religion”.
    Please stand fast and do not give in to the weak and feeble German, Serbian, french, Italian and Greek so called leaders. You alone, Hungary are prepared to save Europe from a catastrophe, not unlike World War Z.

  33. I don’t see any difference between Taliban, Hungarians and most of the crowd commenting on this article, they all have two things in common IGNORANCE and EXTREMISM

  34. What i fail to understand is on one side US, Europe, Israel, and Saudi Arabia is supporting rebellions against Assad(Syrian prime minister), who is trying to destroy ISIS and on the other side they are investing all resources in the media about fears of ISIS. Europe is paying the price of supporting American invasion of other countries, Europe should divert these immigrants towards US and Israel.
    And what the mainstream media doesnt tell is that there are 70+ sects in Islam and Syrians are one of the most tolerant, moderate and peaceful Muslims unlike rest of the Arab world bitches like Wahabis in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait.
    Do some reach fellow Hungarians before acting and posting and being threaten, fortunately due to internet information is just a click away, be knowledgeable dont just fall for the hype and misinformation being fed by the media.

  35. Hungarian are not the smartest people or are you just totally brain washed?

    In 1956 we took good care of the Hungarian refugees, just as we take care of the Syrian refugees today.

    Luckily the Syrians are much more educated and behaving people than the Syrians!!!

  36. Correction:

    Luckily the Syrians are much more educated and behaving people than the Hungarians!!!

  37. CORRECTION ! I think you norvegian (shit) kicker are very poorly educated and not very smart over there / perhaps the Hungarians should send a few buses of Syrian migrants over there …the ones that haven’t been processed at all and are all young 20 something men – all experienced in army combat zones … ( through out the Middle East) That would be an educated smart guest for your norvegian needs / you’ll be singing the Beatles song with them in your “norwegian woods” / that’s if you’re smart enough to know who the Beatles were …

  38. HaHa!
    Norwegian kicker is a (Troll) not Norwegian and is disguised as “Pauli” the transgendered Troll, trying to claim internet victory. Go away troll with your stupid unfounded and COMMIE roots.

  39. I wish there was a leader in greece like victor Orban. Our criminal leader the left wing looney tsipras is destroying greece, with these muslim invaders. All lefties need to be rounded up and shot. Including merkel the islamic German whore

  40. Brutal and Agressive invasion by ILLEGAL migrants can ONLY be stopped with strong politic…

    WELL DONE HUNGARY <3 I hope ALL EUROPE will follow with NOW…

  41. Germany, Sweden wakes with the rest of Europe and is and will send back all the econo-migrant trash with consequences if they return. Part 2 is if the ISIS/ISIL/ or what ever the crap they call themselves that ‘ran away’ will assimilated or wish to be hunted down. Europe will crush this stupid cult, and fast!!!! Note the CRUSADERS! have not just yet awoke…..They will come, just wake them!!

  42. hungary has saved europe from the turks in the past,
    then in 56 from the rusians.
    now from the isllamic CULT.
    Hey INFIDELS wake up.
    cut off their penis for rape, then no virgins avait them.
    problem solved.
    ever wondered where the money comes from to finance this mass

  43. Refugees ‘look like an army’, says Hungarian PM Viktor Orban
    Published: 23 Oct 2015

    Paris, France November 13.

  44. Mr.Victor Orban is a national hero who stood up against Islamization of his country,
    I do not blame the lady(reporter at Hungarian border)who traied to stop the invasion,I hope she is well and free.
    Keep up defending your country.

    Marry Christmas and Happy New Year
    UN roman nascut in Basarabia in 1941 ,lived in Romania till 1985, and now in USA

  45. At long last a realistic leader who thinks about his country and his citizens , there are very few in the EU , and all the current main stream parties will have to disappear in the new future seeing the mess they have made of Europe .
    Then there will have to be legal accountability for all politicians and political parties in the EU , and there should be no more professional politicians allowed , they should all be required to work like everyone else .

  46. It’s sad to see the desperation of any human being. But these illegals are coming in droves with no means whatsoever to support themselves. Who in the world can feed all of them? They haven’t considered that governments can only afford so much in their budgets. It’s wise that they don’t just see this crisis as governments being evil toward them. This crisis wasn’t managed well in most regards. The more countries that take them in, the more multiplied thousands will keep arriving. The refugees are jeopardizing their lives and families. It’s chaos and I agree with another poster here. I’m a Christian and I care for their needs but God is a God of order and not chaos. We can’t say yes to every need. We must be wise and make decisions that work for our nation.

  47. African Americans should stay in Africa or go to America, so they can reunite with their families. They have no business here in Hungary! George Soros can host them there in his mansion.

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