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The immigration and asylum office “did not make any mistake” and the information is provided concerning the asylum case of former Macedonian PM Nikola Gruevski was “precise, professional and legitimate”, the interior minister told the press on Wednesday.

Speaking after a meeting of parliament’s national security committee, Sándor Pintér said that “the office never discloses details about such procedures” and added that such information could only be provided to the United Nations. He also added that the applicant is not bound by rules of secrecy and is free to disclose any details. “This might explain what has been published in the press,” he said.

Ádám Mirkóczki, the head of the committee delegated by conservative Jobbik, said that the Gruevski affair impacts national security.

“It must be revealed if Hungarian authorities or secret services had a role [in Gruevski’s flight to Hungary], if laws have been violated, and if a convicted criminal can be sheltered in the European Union,” he said.

János Halász, deputy head of the committee delegated by ruling Fidesz, said that “Gruevski is persecuted by a Socialist government backed by [US financier George] Soros”. He insisted that “the opposition has created a political case” around Gruevski’s asylum request. He said that “while migration is on the increase across the Balkans … opposition politicians were only asking questions about the Gruevski affair”.

Zsolt Molnár, a Socialist member of the committee, called the attitude of ruling party deputies “unacceptable” and voiced regret that “important national security questions were not addressed” despite the interior minister’s presence at the committee meeting.

Gruevski announced on his Facebook page on Tuesday that he had been granted asylum in Hungary.

Source: MTI

  1. If the Interior Minister of the Hungarian government says “Hungarian authority “Made no mistake” in the Gruevski procedure, then it must be beleived. The people in Hungary elected a Democratic government to serve their needs, by winning with a massive two thirds victory. Why in tarnation should the government tell lies? The trouble with the opposition parties, they are all jealous, cantankerous fools who are only interested in ousting Orbán Viktor. FIDESZ/KDNP are a professional group of individuals who work for the best for Hungary. They have been working very hard over the past 8 years and have made a remarkable difference to Hungary. Do you really think they would do something so bad out of context to destroy their immage? NO. Whether it be Jobbik, or any other opposition party who are criticising the government so bad, before passing judgement, look into the Macedonion history over the period of time that Gruevsky was PM, and then maybe you might see the whole truth more clearly. Soros is behind all this mess, so you oppositon parties might do well to get out of his pocket and do what you should be doing, helping the government to look after Hungary and the people. It’s not hard to see why you are losing popularity.

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