For many, accommodation is just an accessory for the travel itself. You want it to be clean and comfortable, the location might matter, but that is about it. But, of course, there are those who like it to be a little extra, for it to be memorable. The following accommodations are for these people.

Travelo collected some of Hungary’s accommodations that are about much more than a simple breakfast in bed. These are all accommodations where the hosts are offering their guests something truly unique. Since the locations in the selection are mostly categorised as ‘glamping’, sometimes you have to sacrifice a little bit of comfort, but you would not care when you can take a nap in the protective embrace of a tree or just count the stars straight from your bed.

Árnyas Dió Lombház (Shady Walnut treehouse)

Here, the accommodation itself already promises adventure. Would you want to spend the night on top of a tree? The hosts in the holiday area of Verőce have created a very cosy place among the foliage of a tree. The house is largely made of recycled and natural materials. They paid close attention to energy use, so guests are also asked to use only as much water and electricity as they need.

You can literally hear the chirping of birds in the morning next to your bed. This special accommodation – although built 3.5 metres above ground – does not sacrifice any comfort. Although tiny (25m2), it is very homely and comfortable. It has a kitchen, a bathroom, a gallery for napping, and even a large balcony. Bikes are also provided free of charge with the green accommodation.

The house can be rented during the winter as well because there is a small fireplace inside that will keep you warm. In the garden, there is a wood-fired, five-person tub where you can dip your toes to warm up and chat with your friends free of clamour. During summer, you can cool off in the water of the very same wooden tub. There is even a fire pit in the garden which you can gather around and roast some bacon, or maybe look at the stars with complete calmness.

Buborékok (Bubbles)

You read that right, it is a bubble lodge, but not any bubble lodge, it is packed with extras. Nomád Hotel offers several different and unique accommodations for adventurers, but this might be one of the most interesting ones. Aside from a traditional hotel, there are also bungalows and a container house, but the real deal begins with the glamping section. There is one called Far Africa, another one is the Command Tent, and it is not a coincidence. These tents are more reminiscent of a small house, and they even have double beds and soft carpets.

But what about the bubble, more precisely, the bubbles, because there are four of them. The almost perfectly spherical sleeping area is transparent in many places (the Giga and Deluxe bubbles also have a bathroom, which, of course, is not transparent), so you can watch the sky right from the bed. The Mini bubble is on an enclosed terrace, while the two Deluxe bubbles and the Giga bubble are oriented so that no one can see into your room.

Zöld Fészek és Csendes Rejtek (Green Nest and Silent Hideout)

These pleasant-ringing names are the names of two canopy houses that belong to the accommodations of Dióliget (Walnut Grove) in Lovasberény. The names are mostly all walnut-themed, and there are many more, so it is worth browsing their website. Both canopy houses are designed for two people. They are cuddly little huts for people who want to get away from the noisy world.

Both accommodations are fully equipped, so you can cook dinner on a small but handy kitchen counter and even freshen up in the bathroom with a shower. The cottages can be booked from March to November. If you happen to visit on a rainy or windy day, there is a small electric heater that keeps both of you warm all day. You can sit in a rocking chair on the high terrace of the Zöld Fészek (Green Nest), or you can take a nap in a hammock on the ground terrace under the house.

The Csendes Rejtek (Silent Hideout) is exactly what you would expect from its name. It is a small and cosy hut in the middle of an acacia forest where nothing disturbs the guests. There is no Wi-fi here, and you should budget your electricity and water cautiously. However, if you are the right person, you would enjoy reading a book under the blue sky while sipping a hot tea in peace just as much, if not more. The loudest noise is the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves here.

Fertőd-Esterházy Palace
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Zwack Unicum Ház
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Jurtaszállás (Yurt)

Near the ski slopes in Dobogókő, you can relax in an unusual accommodation if you are adventurous enough. You can choose from seven yurts – ancient Hungarian tent-like houses – to sleep in. Each yurt can comfortably accommodate up to eight people. In yurts, everyone is together in one undivided space, which is a great opportunity for people who want to really spend time together. Made from natural raw materials, these traditional yurts are designed in a way that makes even a 21st-century guest feel comfortable. All of the yurts have electricity, lighting, and free Wi-Fi, and there is a separate building for bathrooms.

As the accommodations can be heated with wood-burning stoves, it is possible to stay here during the winter as well. Previously, you were able to rent linen on site, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone needs to bring their own sleeping bags or sheets. Bathing and toilets are in a separate building. There is also a room there with underfloor heating and a salt wall that is good for your health.

Hunza Ecolodge

It is also a campsite, more precisely, an ecotouristic guest-place located near Orfű, on the edge of the forest at Bodolyabér. This place offers workshops and wine tastings, and you can even taste locally (on-site) grown and freshly prepared delicacies as well. They have a five-person treehouse, and they offer comfortably furnished, comfortable tents you can hang out in.

The treehouse was built using natural materials, and it does not lack any comfort. It is equipped with a bathroom and a tiny kitchen. There is a separate fire pit for every tent, but you can use the outdoor kitchen if you wish. Because many colourful and fresh vegetables grow on-site, you can literally pick your own for dinner at a very moderate price, or very often even for free. However, guests do not need to worry about their breakfast, as the fresh and organic meal arrives at your tent in the morning.

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