Budapest, March 6 (MTI) – In Europe there is not such a complex and broad family support system as is found in Hungary, the minister of human resources told a conference on Tuesday, marking International Women’s Day.

Zoltán Balog told the event that 4 percent of the Hungarian budget is devoted to providing financial support for families as against the European average of 2.5 percent.

He said Hungary’s support for part-time workers and extra maternity benefits as well as new forms of nursery care had helped to lift the number of women in work, which, he said, has doubled since 2010.

Katalin Novák, state secretary for family and youth affairs, said no one should be judged on the basis of how many children they bear or how long they choose to stay at home with their kids. The government is accordingly working on a legal framework that gives women the widest freedom possible to choose in this respect, she added.


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  1. Hungary was always wonderful in this area. The entire country is very family oriented and I believe that they work to live and not live to work like in the US where you risk losing your job if your kids are sick too many times. HOORAY for the Hungarians!

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