The creative utilisation of our living spaces is becoming more and more important globally, as a result of which a new segment – the so-called floating houses – emerged on the real estate market, which has now conquered Hungary as well. Hungary’s first floating house park will be implemented on the shores of Lake Velence. Let’s see what it will look like.

The utilisation of water surfaces and the involvement of waterfronts in urban life is gaining more and more significance in many countries of the world where floating houses appear on the water but maintain the services and safety of the coast.

This new trend has reached Hungary as well, where the first floating house park will be implemented on the shores of Lake Velence,

velence_floating house2

and it will be followed by other similar solutions in Budapest in Lágymányos Bay, according to the announcement of Marinus Homes Ltd.

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budapart_floating house

As the Hungarian news portal Portfolio reports, so far, this is an untapped market segment in Hungary; therefore, the design, production, and development of living spaces, holiday homes, business premises, and offices installed on the water are complex architectural and real estate development tasks.

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Utility supply for the 50-110 square metre floats is provided through the coastal infrastructure, while the underlying concrete float provides stability.

velence_floating house4

The most important characteristics of such buildings are:

  • modularity, which enables road transport and provides variation in size and floor plan based on demand;
  • prefabrication under factory conditions – for both floats and superstructures – which is suitable for eliminating inaccuracies and errors due to on-site installation, and it results in fast construction on-site without burdening the environment with waste materials;
  • material use: the floating houses are based on easy-to-manufacture, low-maintenance concrete point bodies with adequate buoyancy, which can be used to classify floating bodies of various sizes. The use of concrete floats enables stability on the water, even under significant wind and wave loads.
velence_floating house3

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  1. It looks to be vacation homes primarily… or will the be permanent residences also? Seem too small and close for more than a vacation spot. I also wonder if there are any plans for Lake Belaton floating homes.

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