Fánkydoo, Hungary’s first Pay What You Want pancake restaurant has opened on 21th June in Budapest (1029 Budapest, Bajnok street). Now a restaurant in Budapest is letting customers pay whatever they want for their meals, szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu reports.

However, the pancake restaurant’s rules set out(which is readable on the restaurant’s Facebook Page) that only 50 pancakes, 50 giant pancakes and 100 drinks are availabe per day., „if the daily amount has ran out, there is a possibility of bartering with our colleague.” ” You can eat our pancakes in the restaruant. If you want to eat at home, we’ll appreciate if you carry something in which you can take it away(approximately 20cmx10cm). In case we do the packing, we hope you appreciate it” – Fánkydoo said.

According to wikipedia.hu, Pay What You Want (or PWYW) is a pricing strategy where buyers pay any desired amount for a given commodity, sometimes including zero. In some cases, a minimum (floor) price may be set, and/or a suggested price may be indicated as guidance for the buyer. The buyer can also select an amount higher than the standard price for the commodity.

Will Fánkydoo’s initiative attract a new audience to its food on a longterm basis, or lose money by serving expensive meals to people who have no intention of paying anywhere near what its worth?

Despite the potential pitfalls of a pay-what-you-want method, it’s heartwarming to think that a system that relies on people’s conscience can actually work.

based on article of szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu 
translated by GAnina

Photo: Facebook

Source: http://www.szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu/

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