The Heart of Pannonia Program, which was created to give a boost to the territory bordered by Etyek, Felcsút and Bicske, has some big plans for the future, reports Hungary’s first six star hotel would be built in Etyek in the scope of this development project. In addition to the six star hotel, six more would be built with ranks of three and four stars.

According to the Heart of Pannonia Tourism Development Concept, high-quality hotels at present are too Budapest-oriented, this could be helped by the complexes of Etyek. In addition to the hotels, a spa connected with a champagne museum and a so-called Hungaricum-spa would also be created. The Hungaricum-spa is planned to contain Rubik’s-cube-themed swimming pools, slides shaped of ballpoint pen and a Vitamin C Bar.

Opening a six star hotel requires to meet quite serious conditions, as the number of employees must not be less than the number of guests, services must be adjusted to the special needs of every guest, the possibility of separation must be provided even during lunch and original architectural solutions must be applied, but these are only some of the 1700 conditions.

The government presented the first support in 2015, which meant a 7,200 EUR for the Heart of Pannonia Program. The main goal of the development is to improve the tourism of the territory bordered by the Vértes Hills, Lake Velence and Bicske.

Why Etyek?

According to, Etyek is the vineyard of Budapest, it is the emblematic seat of the wine-growing area nearest to the capital. The local people have made their living by grape-growing and they want to base their future on it as well. Tourism – which, of course, is based on gastronomy and the grape and champagne culture of hundreds of years – started to develop in the last few years thanks to the efforts of the community and some keen and active local businessmen.

The goal of this recent program is to create a background for further expansion and the prosperity of Etyek. Infrastructural investments will be done that would not only make the village more attractive for tourists but also make the lives of the locals more comfortable.

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