Athén, 2017. október 30. A Külgazdasági és Külügyminisztérium által közreadott képen Szijjártó Péter külgazdasági és külügyminiszter (b) a Vallási és kulturális pluralizmus, békés egymás mellett élés a Közel-Keleten címû konferencián Athénban 2017. október 30-án. MTI Fotó: KKM

Hungary will maintain its close cooperation with Greece in terms of ethnic or religious minority rights, the Hungarian foreign minister told MTI by phone on Monday, following talks with his Greek counterpart in Athens.

At the talks, held on the sidelines of a conference focusing on cultural and religious pluralism in the Middle East, Péter Szijjártó and Nikos Kotzias agreed that “there should be no concessions concerning acquired minority rights”.

Szijjártó noted that the foreign ministers of Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece had jointly appealed to EU leaders and Ukraine against that country’s education law, which impacts its ethnic minorities.

The Greek government, similarly to Hungary’s, pays increased attention to the protection of Christians in the Middle East, he said.

“We must make it clear that we cannot let Christian communities in the Middle East or in other crisis zones be jeopardised or expelled from their homes,” Szijjártó said.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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