Budapest, February 19 (MTI) – Italy’s premier Matteo Renzi is politically blackmailing Hungary and the rest of the Visegrad Group (V4) by demanding reductions in European Union funding to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia if they refuse to accept the mandatory migrant quota scheme, the Hungarian government spokesman told public television on Friday in reaction to news reports.

Zoltán Kovács told news channel M1 that the V4’s steadfast position is that there is no place for mandatory quotas. This is not a solution for Europe, he said, adding that real solutions outlined earlier should be adhered to.

He insisted that the migration policy pursued until now has failed since it cannot be implemented. It is in everyone’s basic interest that initiatives and declarations advanced up to the present time, such as the EU-Turkey agreement and insistence on Greece fulfilling its Schengen obligations, be executed, he added.


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