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Hungary’s ruling Fidesz-led alliance rejects the pro-migration plans of Brussels, Máté Kocsis, Fidesz’s parliamentary group leader, told public radio on Sunday.

Kocsis told Kossuth Radio in an interview that “Brussels bureaucrats” were “full of plans” that would end up creating a continent of immigrants according to the plan of US billionaire George Soros.

He blasted what he characterised as proposals to weaken border protection rights of European Union member states, to introduce a migrant visa and to increase support for Soros organisations that aid migration while punishing anti-migration countries financially or by administrative means.

Kocsis said it was “incomprehensible” that the compulsory quota system that Hungarians had rejected in the referendum that had the country’s largest ever turnout was among the plans.

He added that Brussels was thereby ignoring people’s views.

The Fidesz politician said the government’s family protection action plan was expected to affect four laws: the budget law, the health insurance law, the labour code, and tax laws. The government plans to submit the relevant proposals possibly as soon as by the end of the month.

Kocsis, referring to the start of the spring session on Monday, said the ruling parties would not succumb to any provocations by the opposition.

He said that whereas opposition politicians supported the policies of Brussels, Hungary’s government thinks Europe is being led in the wrong direction.

Fidesz is hopeful of a change in Brussels following European Parliament elections.

Instead of reacting to provocations, the ruling alliance is more determined to make decisions in the interest of Hungary, such as the family protection action plan and measures to help children.

Source: MTI

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