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Fidesz’s parliamentary group leader said on Thursday that “the desks of Brussels bureaucrats are full of plans to turn Europe into an immigration continent based on the Soros plan, and Hungarians have a right to know about that.”

At a press conference held on the sidelines of a three-day meeting of the Fidesz-Christian Democrats’ (KDNP) parliamentary groups in Balatonalmadi, Lake Balaton, Máté Kocsis insisted that those plans included “the mandatory settlement quota, curbing the right of member states to protect their own borders, the introduction of migrant quotas, tripling the funding of Soros organisations, legalising economic migration and penalising anti-migration countries.” “Fidesz rejects them all,” Kocsis said.

The ruling parties also called for protecting Hungary’s borders, as well as its culture and traditions, Kocsis said.

“We want to live in a Europe of cooperating states of equal standing,” he said. “Europe should belong to Europeans, and we should protect our borders with fences,” he said.

Regarding the family protection action plan Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced at his state-of-the-nation speech last Sunday, Kocsis said the party will submit a package of amendment proposals soon, possibly still in February, to put the plan into practice. The proposals will involves changes to the budget law, the health insurance law, the labour code and tax laws, he said.

Fidesz-KDNP plan to have next year’s budget accepted by parliament’s summer break which starts on June 15, Kocsis said, adding that parliament will likely have to work for nearly a month after the official end of the spring session.

Source: MTI

  1. Frans Timmermans (now named Timmerfrans) wants to become chairman of the EC in order to be able to impose his will (or that of Soros) on everyone in Europe. Timmerfrans joined the party congress of his socialist party PvdA, the Dutch version of MSZ(M)P. This conference was mainly dominated by the elections for the European Parliament. Timmerfrans can fill his breast with medals from the old times of his socialist comrades. He is Knight in the Order of Malta, Grand Cross in the Order of Merit of Chile, Commander in the Order of the Polar Star, Grand Cross in the Order of Grand Duke Gediminas of Lithuania, Grand Cross in the Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana, Grand Cross in the Order of the Southern Cross, Knight in the Legion of Honor, Commander in the Order of Merit of Romania, the Bulgarian Golden Palm, Officer in the Order of Merit of Poland and Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau. And he is the manager for the ‘group Soros’. Yes, Timmerfrans is a very important figure in Europe, at least this is what he thinks (if he has brains and use them!)
    Timmerfrans is the new European nobility. He threatens hell and damnation. The war will break out if we do not move quickly with the European Super state. Too much vanity is a big danger for a politician. This became painfully clear during a farewell interview with him in 2014. As European Commissioner, he joined the club of ‘Top’ leaders of Europe. These are unelected directors who continue to insist on an even larger European Union, with even more European rules and guidelines that will increasingly determine the lives of people. The same European policy that has resulted in so many citizens losing confidence in politics. Now Timmerfrans also wants to become chairman of the European Commission, as an uncrowned King of the European nobility. In order to be able to impose his will on everyone in Europe.

  2. Brussels’ dictatorship should no more be acceptable to Hungarians than Stalin, Junker and other tyrants..

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